Manuel Calvo is a seasoned cameraman noted for his technical skill, creative eye and his ability to convey mood and atmosphere. What’s more, he is widely versatile, having travelled the world filming sporting events, documentaries and TV shows. For him capturing the essence, that perfect moment, is what it is all about.

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Michael Denker is a specialist sports and lifestyle photographer based in Marbella, Spain. His expertise in these fields has satisfied his love of travel, taking him around the world capturing iconic moments in Yachting, Fashion, Golf and the Automotive and Airline sectors.

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Frank Knipschild is an experienced Flying Dutchman. He has been to the most glamorous as well as the most remote places in the world to shoot evocative footage. According to Frank: “Anyone can make a movie, but to make it work takes passion”. His passion and technical skill shine through in projects both commercial and artistic.

LinkedIn: Frank Knipschild